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Club World Cup final special – Interview with Cesc Fabregas

18 Dec 2011(Sun)

FC Barcelona left no room to question their title of best on the planet with a crushing 4-0 victory over South American champions Santos in the final of the FIFA Club World Cup on Sunday evening. Football Japan spoke with the scorer of the Catalans’ third goal, former Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas, after the match.



How does it feel now that you are officially crowned as the best team in the world?

It’s good. It’s a very good day for this football club. It’s been very difficult to get here because you have to win the Champions League, then you have to win the semi-final game and the final against teams that maybe we are not used to because they come from other countries and different places in the world. So I think we have to be very proud of what we achieved today.


Were you surprised that it was so easy in the end?

(Smiles) No, it wasn’t easy at all. I think they made it difficult at the beginning but we were fortunate to score quickly and then another one a few minutes later. So if you say that it’s easy, it’s because we played a very serious game – very professional and disciplined – and that made it look easy. But it wasn’t easy at all.


After an intense start to the month with the Clasico and Real Madrid leading La Liga, was it nice to get away from that and come to the other side of the world to relax and just play your football?

We’re always relaxed. I think this team loves pressure; this team loves these kinds of games, and that’s why they won as much as they did already in these last four seasons. I think they don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore, and all we have to do is keep believing that we can do more.


How long can this team be the best in the world? How good do you think it is?

I don’t know – we are very young players and I still believe that we will keep this hunger. Obviously you cannot win every single year – that’s impossible – but we have to do the best we can to try and do it.


And how much fun is it out on the pitch to be playing with Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta?

Oh, it’s great. I mean, they are the best players in the world and I’m taking advantage as well in my game to have more opportunities because they create so much space and so many chances.


How do you feel personally, having joined from Arsenal in the summer, to win this with Barcelona?

For me, it’s a very, very special day. It’s been a special four months – I’ve won three titles and we are doing very well in the league, in the cup, and in the Champions League as well. So all I want to do is keep going and keep improving; try to win as much as I can and be the best player that I can be.


There was a lot of attention given to Santos before this game and now you’ve destroyed them as well. When are you going to start giving someone else a chance to win?

I don’t know! Every game is different and we always have to go with the same mentality.

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